Nobius makes the Net work with Zabbix

1990 brought the birth of HP OpenView for network monitoring. Yeah 30 years ago !!

In its wake came a ton of network monitoring products some of which have gone, but surprisingly quite a few are still there.


So how does Zabbix fit in?
Simple, people STILL need network monitoring, that’s normal online business isn’t when the network has issues.

Whereas HP OpenView and pals scored in the nineties, today people need

  • low TCO
  • simplicity,
  • reliability
  • extensibility
  • integration
  • open  standards

if you need to focus IT investments on the business and not monitoring software, we at Nobius think Zabbix is where you should look first.

The report I’m pointing to in this blog shows Zabbix to be the #1 leader in network monitoring especially if you have these as some of your requirements

  • remote offices and your ISP isn’t helping much to solve issues?
  • adopting cloud and concerned about SLAs across multiple cloud vendors?
  • automated actions,
  • distributed processing,
  • proactive operations,

Are these requirements things you associate only with expensive proprietary industry leading monitoring solutions?
Zabbix provides capabilities to address all of these and a lot more.

Is your priority and are your investments focused on those leading edge business apps your company needs to keep developing to stay competitive, and not on monitoring software?
From my conversations with many people in conferences, business meetings etc these and more are ticks in their requirements lists.

When I was assisting people with  HP OpenView and similar, I can remember those tools provided pretty pictures but to get the value of the above ticked items was  often an expensive ticket.

With Zabbix it isn’t.

And that goes without sacrificing anything on the list even though its technically “free” software.
But if free makes you think

  • you’ll have to go it alone,
  • you’ll need geeks and students to set it up,
  • you’ll only get best effort support from a linked community,

With Zabbix it isn’t the case.

And that goes without sacrificing anything on the requirements list even though its technically “free” software.
Maybe you’ve already dismissed it because of that.
Here’s a few reasons you shouldn’t, some of them might surprise you.

  300 000 Zabbix is well known, 300 000+ implementations worldwide
Zabbix is successful, there’s tons of testimonials to winning implementations
Zabbix IS Supported and what’s more the support and developer team are on the same floor in the same building, we’ve met them in their lovely Riga offices
Zabbix skills are here at Nobius , the #1 Zabbix partner for UK and Ireland customers to assist you getting started fast including design, deployment, customized support plans and training to suit you
Zabbix is distributed so those remote offices will be monitored without needing expensive probes
Zabbix is resilient with H.A. deployment in AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean all ready to go
Zabbix is lauded by multiple analysts

And the last one is what I want to talk about most to you in this blog.

First off Gartner Peer Insights report labelled Zabbix as customer choice #1 in their July 2019 report.
You can get that report from our web site here.


IT Central Station recently published a report analysing customer reviews of Network Monitoring solutions, and Zabbix came out #1 there too.

And there are others you can find.

What this should tell you first is that Zabbix really works.
Second its network monitoring capabilities match and surpass many well-known branded solutions but WITHOUT their costs.
Third as you can discover in my other blog here, Zabbix monitors many domains.

If you hadn’t already heard of Zabbix open source software for Network Monitoring, these reports expose to you a lot of quite honest and convincing customer user reviews. Here’s a quick extract

I think this is an impressive performance compared to some of the biggest brands in the IT Industry for network monitoring.
And by the way the other 4 solutions in this short list all force you to “own” the products i.e. licenses.
Zabbix doesn’t.
It is open source and free to download and use!!

Key user feedback includes

Zabbix has proven itself to be a highly effective and flexible monitoring tool. We utilise the flexibility of the system as we do not only monitor Server Tolerances, Services & Network Utilisation

Easy to implement, agent deployment is fast. The agent also has low memory usage. Lots of dashboards

Simple to setup and easy to manage solution. Very little in-depth tech skills needed to deploy initially and raft of templates available for free online to make it an essential monitoring tool for any business.”

We are using Zabbix for more than 10 years and we are very happy. Zabbix allows you to modify triggers and create your own system what works for you. Their support team great as well

This last expression carries at least two important aspects.

  • create your own system” – illustrates the flexibility of Zabbix. I have never seen two customers with the same requirements so this is key especially in comparison to those other brands which not only cost more but also force a particular way of working.
    I’ll add to that the flexibility Zabbix has to integrate with existing tools. I’ve seen many customers praising that aspect which is capital to fit into your IT environment with limited constraints on your staff and existing tools.
  • The second aspect I find important is “…their support team is great”.
    Were you falling into the trap of thinking that Open Source solutions aren’t supported? As he and many others point out, with Zabbix it’s a strength.

 At Nobius we know these are an important subset of recurrent requirements across many projects we’ve seen.
We also know how switching to a “free” IT Monitoring solution can be so impactful.

With Zabbix Nobius crafts solutions that are trustworthy, resilient, scalable, modern, reliable, extensible, and cloud ready. We created Nobius to help customers deploy and integrate Zabbix fast.
Don’t forget no licenses means lowered costs and those are proportional to the size of your IT landscape.
How could you re-purpose THAT £ amount of IT Monitoring budget?

Maybe you are also sensitive to the Red Queen effect.

If so you may be interested to read “The Razor effect” blog by my colleague Dave Collier.



Nobius knows well the properties of Zabbix that are echoed in the report. These include

  • ease of deployment,
  • vast scalability
  • robust agent and agentless communications,
  • encryption and secure SSH methods,
  • proxy based highly distributed architecture,
  • huge portfolio of monitored domains physical, virtual cloud, container systems and so much more.

There’s no wonder so many small and large organisations quit their expensive and hard to deploy solutions that typically define serious vendor lock in and years of high total cost of ownership.

Nobius is the #1 Zabbix partner in the UK and Ireland, and we’d be delighted to consult with you on architecture design, specific requirements,proof of concept, and even Zabbix-as-a-service offerings to suit your project needs.

See the video on our @Nobius web site  it introduces you to the different services that we can offer., and please subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date with us.

Nobius staff are certified Zabbix professionals, so we know how to exploit the best features of Zabbix into your solution and we have H.A. clustered solutions in the cloud ready to get you started very fast.

If you still want Zabbix’s skin in the game and optimize your solution, then as a Zabbix partner, we can include their experts in your project, organize trainings for your staff delivered by Zabbix experts and activate tailored Zabbix support contracts.

Keep it simple do it all via Nobius .So you see Nobius is your first port of call for IT Monitoring using Zabbix.

The network monitoring report I’ve mentioned in this blog is based on unbiased user reviews.
According to IT Central Station ~66% of B2B tech buyers read these reports before making a purchase.
Can you really afford to be a part of the other 33% who don’t?
It might be the most important 15 minutes you spend this week.

Get these reports now @Nobius website and learn more about Nobius services using #Zabbix.

See why Nobius is the #1 Zabbix partner in the UK and Ireland.
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