6 Reasons to call Nobius

6 reasons to call Nobius 5/6 - Low Cost

Oh dear. I’ve probably upset my colleagues choosing that title. I suppose low costs can suggest low quality. No, at Nobius we don’t skimp on quality. In fact Zabbix is very high quality software for IT Monitoring.
So in this my 5th blog in the series 6 reasons to call Nobius 5/6, I describe new service offerings. We’re announcing them to correspond with the release of Zabbix version 6. I think you’ll definitely want to call Nobius
Nobius knows it’s simply the most powerful license-free software you can adopt. We know too that times are tough. So we have developed services that we think will really resonate with you.

New Nobius Service Offerings

New services summary


Nobius Carbon

Carbon-80 AllotropeThis is almost like a hosted kickstart because it’s a hosted service on shared resources. It has a fixed scope, and is a fast off the mark type service.

For education we know how difficult budgets are.
Yet keeping everything alive is paramount. It’s vital to ensure the right IT resources are running properly for pupils and staff.
IT Monitoring needs don’t deplete, skills are hard to find, and staff are busy.
We think Carbon fits well in this case. We’ve crafted it to be extremely economical for education at just £39.99 as shown above, £399 per year !!

Carbon applies to everyone. Do reach out to us if you’re interested but not in education, don’t hesitate call Nobius.

Nobius Graphite


Similar to Carbon, Graphite is hosted on shared resource.s, but it includes high availability.
This service provides better protection because we use standard Zabbix clusters.
We also increase the scope of the service with 5x more nodes and 15x more metrics, more operators too.
More nodes, metrics, and sites means you need reliability.
Hence the addition of H.A. to reduce downtime.

Nobius Diamond


As you might expect Diamond is a hosted Zabbix instance on dedicated servers.
So no other load can impact the service your staff obtain from this instance.

The scope of monitoring is more extensive too supporting 25000 nodes and 400 000 metrics.
With that many nodes, you may need the 4 days assistance getting started, and support for more staff.

Also included

All these services are fast off the mark, ready to go in just a few hours.
In fact in the next blog I’ll discuss how we get you started even faster if need be.
Zabbix standard dashboards will show you the events being collected from your monitored resources.
They can include performance graphs, status widgets andGeomaps other information as desired.
They can be totally customised to suit your needs and priorities.
Now they also include Geomaps so your staff can immediately see which resources are impacted and in which area.

All these services include email based notification, so your staff will always be alerted if they are away from the dashboards.
Management summary and performance reports are automatically generated and distributed to people of your choice.
Think about sending selected reports to your sub-contractors!
Showing them how well or badly they are providing service to you will influence them to proactively improve.

Quality of Service

Infomaniak ISO CertsThese new cloud hosted services are offered running in a very efficient datacentre. It’s managed by ISO certified staff and processes that are applied to all deployments and management of the resources being used.

In each case the monitoring types included are SNMP, Agent, Agent-less, external script, database, IPMI (hardware vendor), SSH, web monitoring, and Telnet. JMX is only included in our Diamond service.

Other requirements for monitoring such as log file, web script and more can be added.
Integrations exist for ITSM and chat tools such as ServiceNow, Microsoft Team, Slack and others.
Zabbix provides integration with many highly popular tools across many domains covering networking, operating systems and hardware, databases, applications and non-IT domains such as CCTV, IoT and others (see our blog #4 here )

We’d be glad to discuss with you any extensions to the scope of our services and develop a turnkey version of the service to cover your needs.

How Nobius can help

If you’re already using older versions of Zabbix, that’s another one of the 6 reasons to call Nobius.
Contact us to help you migrate, and see our Punch Pubs & Co case study – Nobius v2-1  to read how we migrated that customer to Zabbix.
If you’re not then it doesn’t take much to start using this most powerful, license-free software.
It’s enterprise grade software meaning its stable, reliable, has scalability, high performance with distributed monitoring, and its secure.
It’s also integrated with practically all popular software you may use for ITSM, collaboration, containers, automation, help desk and so much more. See them here https://pos.li/2kn251

Contact us

Yes Zabbix 6 is an amazing software package, incredible license free value, and now Nobius provides you with amazing hosted services that get you up and running fast and will suit your budget

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Don’t forget Nobius is the 1st Zabbix Certified Partner in the UK.

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