6 Reasons to call Nobius

6 reasons to call Nobius 6/6 - 6 minutes

What can you do in 6 minutes?

6 minutesWorkout?
Boil two eggs?
Have a nap?
Reboot your PC (yours is faster than mine in that case)?
Call Nobius?
Listen to a podcast? hmm maybe I record one on getting connected to Zabbix in 6 minutes  because, well actually yes, you can thanks to Nobius.

Use our Try and Buy

If the conditions are all validated, then we get you connected to a Zabbix version 6 instance extremely fast.What does it take? Subscribe to our Nobius Carbon Try & Buy service.try & buy
Fill out the access request form, and we’ll send you details.
Reach out and call Nobius.

Until that system is connected to your network, you’ll see dashboards with example data to analyse.
Following that confirm that you want to use our Carbon Try&Buy and then manage your resources using it.
After 1 month if you’re happy to proceed then we’ll activate the annual subscription.
If not, no problem we’ll disconnect you.

D.I.Y and appliance

Of course, you could do all it yourself.
Zabbix makes it easy to get started by providing images to download.
They are Container based, VM based, even the source code if you want.

There’s even an appliance with pre-configured Zabbix ready to go too.uk wall socket
Just bear in mind the indication Zabbix’s warning “the Appliance is not intended for serious production use”.

Nobius has considerable experience applying Zabbix to IT environments.
We also extend its monitoring to non-IT as well.
That way you can monitor cameras, heating systems, fire alarms, campus or site access.

Avoid seas of red

Using our experience will make the difference between testing it and getting value from it.

DB overflowMonitoring of many resources can quickly overflow a database.
That is why it’s important to consider which information to bring to the server.
You’ll quickly be overloaded if you install the available Zabbix templates and enable them all.

Whether it is hosted by us or not you will be presented with a sea of red alerts, swamped with alert noise.
We bring you the signal in the noise, focusing on the right events is vital to get value.

That’s the reason we’ve developed the services you can see on our Products page.
We will capture your key objectives and then show you which templates to use and what to enable in them.
Why don’t you call Nobius?

How Nobius can help

If you’re already using older versions of Zabbix, that’s another one of the 6 reasons to call Nobius.
Contact us to help you migrate, and see our Punch Pubs & Co case study – Nobius to read how we migrated that customer to Zabbix.
If you’re not then it doesn’t take much to start using this most powerful, license-free software.
It’s enterprise grade software meaning its stable, reliable, has scalability, high performance with distributed monitoring, and its secure.
It’s also integrated with practically all popular software you may use for ITSM, collaboration, containers, automation, help desk and so much more. See them here 

Contact us

Yes Zabbix 6 is an amazing software package, incredible license free value, and now Nobius provides you with amazing hosted services that get you up and running fast and will suit your budget

Explore what’s new in Zabbix 6.0 LTS

See our introductory video
Learn who #Nobius has already provided value to here

Don’t forget Nobius is the 1st Zabbix Certified Partner in the UK.

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