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The ONLY UK Zabbix Certified Partner

See Nobius Ltd. Upgrades to Zabbix Certified Partnership in UK press release as by Zabbix
Nobius Ltd as their sole UK Certified Partner and we’re delighted to take this status which validates our Zabbix expertise and underlines our services capabilities for UK customers.

Nobius was a Gold Sponsor of the recent Zabbix Summit 2021. If you missed any part of the agenda, we’d be happy to explain the features that Zabbix is bringing in this release and even demonstrate some of them to you.

NEW !! Punch Pubs success story

If your vendor can’t help when you need them most what can you do? Punch Pubs & Co decided
it was time for a change and reached out to Nobius for a new IT monitoring solution.
Hours later they were overjoyed
to not only see their existing configurations migrated with full visibility in Zabbix, but also learn
how their costs have been slashed too.

Click here to see our newest case study and read more details

SolvIT has landed !!!

A new solution from Invicta Software and Nobius integrates InvictaDesk
incident resolution/help desk with Zabbix based IT monitoring.
The result is IT operations simplified.

Click here for  more information.

Nobius is Gold

Yes, Nobius was Gold sponsor of the Zabbix Summit 2021 a virtual event Thursday November Nobius is Gold

25th 2021.

As always the summit was REALLY jam packed full of useful
information covering many new features of the next LTS
version of Zabbix version 6.
Out of the box H.A, Business Service Management, Machine Learning, Anomaly Detection, Baselining and many other new features, the Zabbix team will delivering
tons of information.
Missed the event? Don’t worry, Nobius is here to explain how Zabbix can solve issues for you AND lower your TCO.

Zabbix 5.4.9 is available

New features such as new expressions for more powerful problem detection, improved sclability, and simpler navigation
New integrations and templates, automated report generation and publishing and more. A rich version for sure not to be missed.

Why not reach out to Nobius to get upgrade assistance,  extend your installation or just to get started.
Our kickstart service is the fastest way.

See example pricing below and our services page for more details.

New Zabbix user review reports

Gartner and other analysts often update their user review reports.
Year after year Zabbix keeps winning the top spot and 2021 is no exception.
Click here to see the latest reports on our Resources page.

Manage your site devices e.g. cameras, NVR, VMS, HVAC, Access,...

Need to make sure your security cameras are working OK?

Zabbix will help you qualify issues, isolate root cause
and may even take corrective action on the right resource
first time.

Ask us how and we’ll show you. Reach out to us on our contact page, click here

Latest LinkedIn post
New Zabbix training classes

There’s a new long list of standard and advanced Zabbix training classes and Nobius resells seats on them so you buy them in GBP !!
Here’s the schedule Professional Training Program – Zabbix
Reach out to Nobius to reserve yours.

Adopting IoT?

Internet of Things is here
CCTV, AirCon, Trams/trains, Alarms all have sensors.

Zabbix integrates, centralises status,  filters, correlates, presents their data to ensure they all work properly.

Nobius knows how to set that up for you

Redefining IT Monitoring?

Spending 100% royalties for 20% of its value?
Locked into “It’s not broken leave it alone”
Taking forever to get new features?

With 300 000+ implementations Zabbix will satisify you.

You can trust Nobius to deploy or host it for you.

Who is Nobius

Nobius is the only Zabbix Certified Partner in the UK.
When seeking IT Monitoring solutions we have the skills and experience to guide your journey

Whether you need to prove a concept, have something working fast, on premise or hosted by us, or obtain service from the IT Monitoring experts, we’re here to assist you

What we provide

Nobius exists to provide modern IT Monitoring.
We focus on Zabbix as the core solution.

When you need software, services, training, think of Nobius

Low Cost

IT Monitoring should not cost a fortune. Nobius brings you the power of enterprise monitoring at lowest cost with no licenses

Supported solutions start at £8/day
Need someone to do it all for you?
How does £30/day sound?

Why Nobius

Gain value from 80+ years of experience

Our staff are ZCS and ZCP certified and we are the only 

We’re the only Zabbix Certified Partner in the UK

Why Zabbix

Zabbix is mature and exists for more than 17 years soon reaching version 6 with strong mature features, and over 300 000+ implementations worldwide

Its a free download, there’s no licenses EVER

Cloud, containers, web, DBs, apps, networks, IoT they’re all covered and it really scales

What we do

Kickstart monitoring package

Our products and services are based on Zabbix the leading open source IT Monitoring software.  We provide all you need to get yourself started in one easy to use package

PaaS, the fastest and easiest kickstart possible.

Provides you an IT Monitoring solution in just hours. We install build and run the platform, train and mentor your staff who operate and administer the solution using your own IT resources

Software as a Service

Your IT staff focus on your business not your software. We install and build on premise or hosted solutions that’s administered by Nobius experts, then train your staff as its users 

Business Strategy

We’re 100% focused on tangible value to you.
Your investment doesn’t require expensive licenses, Nobius services remove the hassle

Proven solutions

Our products and services are based on Zabbix, the world’s most proven open source software for IT monitoring with 300 000+ installations worldwide

Customer acclaimed

Gartner, IT Central station and Trust Radius have all published user reviews where Zabbix is lauded. You can access them all on our resources tab.
Also see our case studies 

Example budgets

Everyone’s project is different. We always recommend discussion to capture scope and requirements. That’s the best way to ensure we produce satisified customers.

To get you started here are some ideas to help set some of your expectations

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