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We provide solutions to IT Management issues. we’ll listen and provide our advice on potential solutions.
We’ll also design, implement, and can host those solutions and provide mentoring, training, and support

UK Telegram Zabbix user channel

UK Zabbix User group

Nobius has launched a new Telegram group focussed on UK users of Zabbix

Zabbix Logo v7


See our resources page for a short video explaining the main features

UK provider of all Zabbix services

As the UK’s first Zabbix certified partner, we provide all Zabbix consultancy, support and training services to UK customers. Projects we manage can include Zabbix experts

Award winning IT Experts

With 60+ years of IT experience, we work with your IT team to design-build-implement IT Monitoring solutions focused on open-source software such as Zabbix

Cloud Host your solution

Concious of short time cycles, skills shortages that may impact you, we host Zabbix based IT Monitoring solutions. Our Carbon, Graphite and Diamond services start at amazing prices

Watch this 5m video for all the answers

Why you need better IT Monitoring
What is Zabbix?
Who is Nobius?





NEW !! Zabbix in SPACE

ESA Zabbix


Yes the European Space Agency — ESA — has implemented Zabbix to monitor infrastructure that’s in space !!


Click here to see the latest case study and read more details

Nobius hosts Zabbix experts at Digigov Expo 2024

By the far the biggest government focused event in the UK, this event has been postponed from May until 24/25th September 2024 at the Excel centre in London.

Join us on stand B5

NEW !! UK Zabbix User community

Nobius launches new UK Zabbix users community on Telegram.

As per other country specific channels, we’re pleased to announce that Nobius has created a dedicated channel for all UK users to discuss and obtain community help from other UK-based users.

We hope it complements the existing channels as well as having a uniquely UK focus.

Join us at : https://t.me/zabbix_uk_nobius UK Telegram Zabbix user channel

New Resources to help you engage with Nobius

Nobius is delighted to bring you some of our experience in the form on new white papers
White Paper – Secret Sauce for Government
White Paper – The Value of Open Source
as well as our datasheets for PRIZM and Cloud based IT Monitoring services

Download them all here

New Hosted IT Monitoring services start at £39.99 /month !!

Nobius has created 3 new cloud hosted services Carbon, Graphite and Diamond are all IT Monitoring instances with a fixed scope / fixed price. That can of course be changed to suit requirements.
Carbon is a fixed scope fixed price service that starts at £39.99 / month for education establishments.
Graphite is similar but extends that scope, and adds H.A.
Diamond is deployed on dedicated hardware, has an aggressive scope, and also includes H.A.

All services are deployed from a highly effective and protected datacentre that is ISO certified.

See our product page for more details and reach out to info@nobius.co.uk

Zabbix interviews Nobius

See Artur Lontons of Zabbix interview Dave Collier of Nobius on IT Monitoring trends and cloud adoption

The FIRST UK Zabbix Certified Partner

See Nobius Ltd. Upgrades to Zabbix Certified Partnership in UK press release as by Zabbix
Nobius Ltd as their 1st UK Certified Partner and we’re delighted to take this status which validates our Zabbix expertise and underlines our services capabilities for UK customers.

Now Nobius is ZCS & ZCP certified for version 6.

Nobius was a Gold Sponsor of the recent Zabbix Summit 2021. If you missed any part of the agenda, we’d be happy to explain the features that Zabbix has brought in this release and even demonstrate some of them to you.

Adopting IoT?

Internet of Things is here
CCTV, AirCon, Trams/trains, Alarms all have sensors.

Zabbix integrates, centralises status,  filters, correlates, presents their data to ensure they all work properly.

Nobius knows how to set that up for you

Redefining IT Monitoring?

Spending 100% royalties for 20% of its value?
Locked into “It’s not broken leave it alone”
Taking forever to get new features?

With 300 000+ implementations Zabbix will satisify you.

You can trust Nobius to deploy or host it for you.

Who is Nobius

Nobius is the 1st Zabbix Certified Partner in the UK.
When seeking IT Monitoring solutions we have the skills and experience to guide your journey

Whether you need to prove a concept, have something working fast, on premise or hosted by us, or obtain service from the IT Monitoring experts, we’re here to assist you

What we provide

Nobius exists to provide modern IT Monitoring.
We focus on Zabbix as the core solution.

When you need software, services, training, think of Nobius

Low Cost

IT Monitoring should not cost a fortune. Nobius brings you the power of enterprise monitoring at lowest cost with no licenses

Supported solutions start at £8/day
Need someone to do it all for you?
How does £30/day sound?

Why Nobius

Gain value from 80+ years of experience

Our staff are ZCS and ZCP certified and we are the only

We’re the 1st Zabbix Certified Partner in the UK

Why Zabbix

Zabbix is mature and exists for more than 17 years soon reaching version 7 with strong mature features, and over 300 000+ implementations worldwide

Its a free download, there’s no licenses EVER

Cloud, containers, web, DBs, apps, networks, IoT they’re all covered and it really scales

What we provide


Kickstart monitoring package

Our products and service include leading open source IT Monitoring software.  We provide all you need to get yourself started

PaaS, the fastest and easiest kickstart possible.

Provides you an IT Monitoring solution in just hours. We install build and run the platform, train and mentor your staff who operate and administer the solution using your own IT resources

Cloud with Cogs

Software as a Service

Your IT staff focus on your business not your software. We install and build on premise or hosted solutions that’s administered by Nobius experts, then train your staff as its users 


Business Strategy

We’re 100% focused on tangible value to you.
Your investment doesn’t require expensive licenses, Nobius services remove the hassle


Proven solutions

We often include a core IT Monitoring solution with Zabbix, the world’s most proven open source software for IT monitoring with 300 000+ installations worldwide. They often often include integrations with Slack, MS teams, email, SMS, ServiceNow, Jira, Automation & much more

Customer acclaimed

Gartner, IT Central station and Trust Radius have all published user reviews where Zabbix is lauded. You can access them all on our resources tab.
Also see our case studies

Example budgets

Everyone’s project is different. We always recommend discussion to capture scope and requirements. That’s the best way to ensure we produce satisified customers.

To get you started here are some ideas to help set some of your expectations

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