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Gartner Peer Insight report 2019

 IT Monitoring - Gartner Peer

Gartner peer insight reports publish research from customer surveys.
In April 2019 Gartner published their IT Infrastructure survey results.

As a result 91% of users surveyed recommend Zabbix, as a result its top of the list.
Because it is one of few solutions to be acclaimed, we suggest it’s a strong gauge of the trust they have in its reliability. So this is a clear demonstration of its scope for IT monitoring.

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IT Central Station reports

IT Monitoring - IT Central Station

This is an organisation that publishes analysis of software vendors based on customer reviews so their views can really help you judge.
Nobius is delighted to share with you three reports covering Server, Network and Cloud Monitoring domains.
Each report provides comparisons of Zabbix vs other vendor products per domain based on those customer reviews.
You’ll see that Zabbix is the #1 solution in each domain, so consult them to learn how.

Here’s our introduction video.

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IT Monitoring - Munich Tram and Underground main Zabbix dashboard

Case studies

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