Nobius has chosen the award winning Zabbix IT Monitoring software as the core of our products and services
new hosted services


Carbon, Graphite and Diamond are new cloud hosted services.

The are fixed scope and priced very economically for education. Scope and price are flexible to suit tailored requirements

Our services are deployed in shared or dedicated resources with full security and scalability to flex and suit workloads, in an highly ISO certified datacentre

Let your IT teams get on with their job of serving business and users, leave the plumbing and maintenance to Nobius, the only UK Zabbix certified partner in the north


We offer a range of consulting services to suit different requirements.

Migrate from older out of date tools to the most powerful license free open source software for IT Monitoring.

Zabbix. With version 6 now released it offers enterprise grade distributed IT monitoring that’s reliable, secure, scalable, with 100s of integrations and coverage to monitor practically everything you can imagine, including non-IT resources

Nobius has developed standardised references architectures in both  on premise and cloud configurations using AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and others.
These SRAs remove risk, accelerate deployment and bring a solution to your teams faster than most can offer, and with better SLA for high quality, low risk and cost

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We capture your requirements and then install and build the Zabbix platform for your staff on your IT monitoring platform to which you provide us remote access.

Following operational tests we hand over the working installation to your staff who will operate and administer the solution.

We offer basic, standard and advanced versions of this service with different architectures according to your requirements for resilience, load balancing and number of operations users.

We also provide optional 3 and 5 day add-on education services to train operators and administration and see our events page for our buy 1 get 2 offer.



Need IT Monitoring fast, but don’t have the hardware?

Using a cloud subscription service provided by Nobius or your own, we install and build a solution in the cloud for you.

Tailored according to your requirements with basic, standard and enterprise versions of this service, we’ll have your IT operators running in no time.

The end solution is operated and administered by your staff, Nobius experts perform maintenance through a remote connection and guarantee performance and availability to a fixed SLA bound within a yearly contract with Nobius. Credit is applied to those customers upgrading from the Nobius kickstart service.



Worried about skill gaps?
Want your IT staff focused on the business?

No problem. With our SaaS service we’ll install, build and run the end to end platform for your operators, users of the service.

Nobius takes care of all implementation, operating, back-up, high availability, patching, and user management.

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