Nobius Graphite

A new hosted IT Monitoring service to get-me-started.

Graphite service definition


  • Shared Cloud Infrastructure
  • High Availability clustered Zabbix server
  • 5000 managed nodes/75000 metrics
  • 72 config changes per year
  • 4 days setup  assistance by Nobius experts
  • Up to 8 IT staff user accounts on Zabbix (training seats required)
  • 3 separate Zabbix servers, evolution assured
  • Up to 5 sites

Does Graphite suit you?

Graphite is similar to Carbon except it offers H.A Zabbix server, greater monitoring, and more assistance from Nobius experts
It provides you with fast access to a Zabbix version 6 instance.
That instance will connect to a Zabbix proxy to be installed on your site, and communicate through a dedicated network port to the Graphite server. Nobius can take care of these steps for you (remote access required). Following this, Zabbix will discover your devices and begin monitoring.

Dashboards and Reporting

Finally, you will connect to the Graphite server and see monitored data, issues, alerts based on standardised templates for your IT Windows or Linux servers, network devices. etc.

Although you can see examples of the fine dashboards at the foot of this page, above all note that these can be fully tailored to suit your priorities and operators roles and responsabilities.

Moreover, communicating effectively to management and across teams is facilitated using scheduled reports.
Notifications can be transmitted as they are found via SMS, email and chat platforms (Slack, MS-Teams, …).
Integrations with ITSM solutions automatically refines IT operations processes.

Simple, straightforward, hassle-free and economical.

For more details Zabbix you can see here.  Nobius will be pleased to provide use cases that describe its value to solve your issues.

Our case studies page includes customer examples to see that in action.

Do you need more?

Concerned about data privacy and prefer dedicated hardware?
Do you need to monitor more remote sites?
Is your network larger and you need to cover more servers, network equipment or even CCTV devices?

See details on our Nobius Diamond service here

Whatever the situation and requirements for hosted IT Monitoring, Nobius will adapt to suit.

Our service definitions are flexible to suit your needs and budget.

Zabbix 6.2 Global dashboard IT Monitoring
Zabbix status dashboard IT Monitoring
Zabbix performance dashboard It Monitiring
Zabbix Global Dashboard IT Monitoring