Invicta plus Zabbix

SolvIT - ITOps simplified

Do you suffer trying to cover a ton of issues

When the alarms go off, users call, business bickers, it’s really tough to work out what happended, what’s the issue, where to start.
Empirical methods to track multiple issues are brittle, prone to errors, monolithic unless shared properly, and can’t easily communicate issue status to users and business staff.

What's the impact when users have to tell you about issues?

No IT team is going last very long if it depends on its users and management to learn about issues.
Forever firefighting is likely to lead to that.

Do you envy those who have tools your org can't afford?

ITSM Tools can be horribly expensive to license, gain skills on, and deploy across your staff. They’re also typically holistic, generic and hard to apply to different IT processes. Costs can escalate dominating your budget.

What if you could automate?

IT Monitoring. IT Service Management. Automation. Do they all seem too far away from you budget and skills?
Wouldn’t your team benefit from a lightweight solution that includes all three, in a VERY cost effective solution?

Let SolvIT simplify your IT Operations

Whether you are a small organisation or larger, you’re going to find that SolVIT not only brings you one of the most powerful IT Monitoring solutions to you, it couples that with a light IT service management solution

Your IT Monitoring will follow the evolution of your IT environment, networks, IoT Sensors, servers, DBs, apps and more.

You’ll also find it easy to monitor non-IT objects if desired, cameras, door access control, pumps, fans, heating and ventilation, all can be covered.

And there’s no license to buy !!

Not only that but SolvIT converts alerts into events and opens tickets. Users can instantly see if they are impacted and potentially when service will resume.

Service analysts managing the incident to resolution can see all relevant information about the event. That means they can intervene to perform changes, escalate to skilled personnel, inform service providers of issues needing qualified assistance and report to management.

Incident resolution closes the ticket, and acknowledges the event.
IT Operations at all levels are aware when they’re needed and when resolution has occurred, streamlining their own planning.

 Automated IT operations like this means both operations and service management benefit from automated detect to correct IT processes. It formalises your team’s work to be better organised and frees their time to focus on stickier, business impactful issues.

Little is Big - IT Monitoring

Powerful IT Monitoring

Nobius knows IT Monitoring covering ALL your IT and non-IT infrastructure, does not have to be cost prohibitive.
We know Zabbix is the best open source solution with lowest cost of ownership

Invicta Logo

IT Service Management

Whether you’re a small or a large organisation, automating incident detection and correction will reduce business impact and deliver great service
InvictaDesk brings that power to SolvIT

SolvIT Logo

Its bigger than the sum of the parts

Nobius and Invicta Software invent SolvIT. Bidirectional integration between Zabbix and InvictaDesk.
Automated Detect to Correct IT processes
ITOps simplified

Zabbix DashBoard 1

Zabbix - #1 OpenSource IT Monitoring

License free Enterprise grade IT Monitoring

Zabbix celebrated its 16th birthday recently, and they’ve reached well over 300 000 known implementations worldwide. 
Free to access are hundreds of templates covering practically all vendor device types in your IT environment, from network , servers, web sites, databases, applications and non-IT devices such as cameras, acecss control HVAC and IoT sensors devoces.
Out of the box integrations with MS Teams, slack and other chat and notification platforms are free too.
Nobius staff are expert in guiding you to cover your environment on-premise, in the cloud, for your staff to run or we’ll run it for you.
Now Nobius brings you SolvIT, a fast easy way to couple IT Monitoring with ticket management and more

Power and Simplicity

InvictaDesk - Automated ticket management

Powerful, lightweight ITSM

With SolvIT pre-determined alerts are converted to qualified events with appropriate severity in Zabbix.
SolvIt connects those events to automatically create tickets in InvictaDESK When Zabbix operators acknowledge and close the event, the ticket is closed too.
Wehn an IT service agent closes the ticket, the event is acknowledge and closed in Zabbix.
Only the right events open tickets.
Only the right resolution closse the ticket and the event.
Automated Detect to Correct means NO event goes unnoticed, unactioned. IT Operators and Service Manager roles are synchronised, saving time and costs, leaving them to focus on service health and business priorities.

SolvIT Flyer image

Download our SolvIT Flyer

Now we’ve grabbed your interest, have a look at our SolvIT flyer and show it to your team and managment.

SolvIT is ready to provide value to you.
You’ll find our try and buy valuable.
Its the fastest path to simplified ITOps. We’ll install SolvIT for you, show you how to get IT Monitoring started fast, and how alerts create the tickets you need to drive service management.
Use it for up to 1 year, then decide to use it by purchasing licenses for InvictaDesk for each user, and a SolvIT support contract.

Why not reach out to Nobius to get it set up fast. See our contact tab

SolvIT Demo image

See a Demo

You can see SolvIT in action.

Nobius and Invicta specialists David Collier and Rajnish Nischal take you through how Zabbix and InvictaDesk are integrated.

The 10 minute demo shows you alerts in the Zabbix console creating tickets in InvictaDesk. You’ll see how asset information is imported into the ticket, how the ticket can be managed, severity and priority changed. In the demo use case, the event in Zabbix is solved and the ticket is archived in InvictaDesk.