De-mystifying 64


A figure that may stick in your mind for numerous reasons.

To me it evokes 64 bit and the huge step forward that it meant when computers were launched. So much so that I don’t think we’ve seen any thing since, no 123-bit computers so far and I read “A 128-bit processor may never occur because there is no practical reason for doubling the basic register size” on the net.
64 bit really was a milestone in computer engineering.

In France right now, 64 is a dirty word.
The French government is debating retirement reform and 64 is the target age (62 currently).
Of course the unions are having a ball at telling everyone that its unacceptable.

Today March 7th is a major strike day here in France.


On a happier notes, for me 64 also evokes the Beatles with the song “Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m 64”.

It seems like yesterday when I heard it for the 1st time and thought that 64 was so far away.
Now at 67 the song sounds fresher than I feel  :-), and by the way she said yes she would and still does.

Appearing on the immense Sgt Pepper’s LP, it’s a classic.


When at Uni there was one chap who was a maths genius. He was always going on about cubic roots and seemed to love 64 which has a cubic root of 4 his magical number for some reason.

To others the Nintendo 64 game machine is a reference.





And then there’s the Bugatti Type 64, an “Atlantic-style” coupe famous for its dramatic design and coachbuilding.

Bugatti type 64 atlantic coupe

Like it or not you’ve surely got to admit that the swooping rear is
an amazingingly futuristc idea and build for 1939.

It was also Jean Bugatti’s last creation before his
unfortunate demise in a car accident in the same year.

By the way you can see this and many other orginal Bugatti cars at the Schlumpf collection in the Mulhouse Automobile museum in eastern France.


Well today March 7th also sees the launch of Zabbix version 6.4, enterprise grade but license free IT Monitoring software.

It might not prove to be as “classic” as the above, but it leads the way to version 7 later this year and brings improvements that make Zabbix yet more stable and powerful, especially in large and/or distributed architectures.

Features such as

  • Instant propagation of configuration changes across the whole Zabbix infrastructure
  • Centralised, automatic user provisioning and management across multiple applications with support for SCIM open standard for user management
  • Accelerated deployment where only changes are synchronized to proxies & agents
  • SNMP GetBulk implementation leading to pre-processing for automated discovery
  • Data streaming to http endpoints such as Kafka and other message brokers
  • Integrations to BMC Control-M, CISCO Nexus 9000 series, Meraki dashboard and more.

There might even be 64 new features this version brings, see here for all the details

Exploiting their power is a Nobius speciality.
You can gain access to it in just a few hours quickly and easily for advanced IT Monitoring with no licenses to pay.
Nobius Carbon PaaS services are instant on so you can subscribe and start monitoring. Another Nobius speciality.

Let Nobius take care of the administration of Zabbix and leave your staff free to focus on the important business focused issues.
They will gain the benefit of this powerful open-source IT Monitoring software with no license costs to you, and no administration overhead to them.
Sound like good value?

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