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What keeps you awake

What keeps you awake? We all have sleepless nights when ideas and concerns keep us staring at the ceiling. A combination of published reports and Nobius‘ own research suggests that the same main concerns exist across all sizes of business and all verticals.

I think you’ll agree that a vital part of IT concerns IT Monitoring.
That’s good because at Nobius we are specialists in IT Monitoring.

Here we explain those concerns and how Nobius can ease you to better slumbers.

Tech Debt

Maybe your IT Monitoring is brittle, with little or no ability to scale and to support evolving business requirements and modern application needs. Nobius has seen many transformation projects aiming to bring new applications and infrastructure fail through lack of focus on how to monitor them.

We specialise in helping your reach that target by providing up to date IT Monitoring across all layers. We recommend Zabbix open source software as its free, powerful and bang up to date.

Here’s a sample of features we include in our solutions

  • 5,500++ templates and integrations included
  • Deploy on cloud, in containers or on-premise
  • High Availability supported out of the box for servers and proxies for scalable, distributed monitoring

Choosing Nobius, you’re unlikely to lag when it comes to staying up to date and scaling the solution as you go.

IT Unknowns

It may be hard to imagine, but a large percentage of IT  teams don’t know what all of their IT assets are and what their state is. It’s tough to keep up too.

Automated network discovery will discover everything if you want it to.

Not only that, it can be configured to assign appropriate templates to automatically begin monitoring.

Automation is a great way to off-load IT teams when their time is in short supply.

Our solution can also gather Asset data, store it and use to detect changes, desired or not.

Here’s a shortlist of solution design content we typically include;

  • Automated network discovery
  • End User Monitoring pinpoints application issues
  • Business Service models show the root cause and impact of detected issues
  • Predictive monitoring let’s you see where future risks may lie

With our solutions you’ll see all the resources in your environment, on your site, distributed sites across the world or wherever you need it most.

Security Risks

Don’t they just create nightmares? Hackers are difficult to predict and often aggressive. We know you worry over whether the enterprise is secure and its data is protected.
Yet security solutions can cost an arm and a leg, and they need skills many don’t have.

Nobius are not security experts. We are monitoring experts. By choosing open-source software from a vendor that focuses on data collection, analysis and integration, our solutions will help centralise alerting and add contect to your existing security management tools.  Monitoring core security components such as audit logs, anti-virus status and firewall changes in the context of business services is directly supported.

We can integrate Zabbix with expert software from vendors of your choice.

Zabbix itself prides on being a secure solution.

  • Communications between all Zabbix components can be TLS encrypted.
  • Zabbix is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified
  • Zabbix has partnered with HackerOne where ethical hackers look for potential security vulnerabilities
  • 35 free downloadable integrations with expert security software
  • Nobius hosted solutions are built on certified ISO 9001, 27001, 14001 cloud platforms.

We design and build solutions that include a strong focus on security.

Operational Excellence

Nobius has accumulated over 60 years of experience in IT Operations.
The Zabbix company has been developing its capabilities for over 20 years.

Our minds work as IT Operators, our designing reflects that experience as well as our certifications gained on ITIL, ITSM, IT4IT, COBIT and others.

We spent years advising customers on transformation to more powerful IT Monitoring solutions for decades, and now we want to help you.

No two customers have the same environment and challenges so we adapt to ensure our solutions fit.

There are lots of focus that can be taken to develop such solutions, here’s a few we often include and that Zabbix facilitates

  • Predictive analytics provides actionable insight
  • End User Monitoring alerts before business impact
  • BSM service models show the root cause and impact.

We created Nobius to help people like you benefit. Its enterprise grade, fully supported and you can see case studies that describe how large and small organisations gain value from it. Click here


Well politics alone keep our lives “interesting” to say the least. As businesses change, IT is expected to do more with less in many cases.

A tough challenge for any organisation.

Its a gating factor that defines why we created Nobius.

We migrate teams from legacy tools to use Zabbix as the central IT Monitoring solution. As it is license free and all the templates they provide are free as well, our solutions typically lower it costs.

Even though it IS license free, Zabbix fully supports their software.

Nobius is the #1 UK Certified Zabbix partner, so we include Zabbix consulting, support and training in all our projects according to your requirements.

You can see the breadth of support Zabbix can offer, click here. Nobius can offer discounted official Zabbix support contracts.

This is a strong reason why many of the worldwide organisations adopted Zabbix, free but supported.

Ready to start?


Future Proofing

You’re probably wondering, how do you make a selection knowing that the technology will change quickly  You may find yourself racing to implement but at the same time you have to make sure you get value.

Nobius has seen this time and again. We’ve observed how customers get locked into software that’s expensive but doesn’t adapt. That evolution can often seem to be linked to somebody else’s priorities, and budget.

We think of this all the time. In our projects we always encourage customers to start small and drive teams to define quicks wins and metrics that equate the solution’s benefits to your company’s value.

We incorporate Zabbix as the core because of several key factors as a software vendor:

  • Coverage of new technologies, IT domains and 3rd party software every 6 months
  • Roadmap follows open-source principles
  • Scope of supported platforms, devices and applications.

These create choice. Zabbix‘s focus on open source means that they are aware of new technologies as they are adopted. Kafka, Kubernetes, Azure and Docker containers, 3rd party cloud vendors, OpenStack and many other technologies are quickly embraced by Zabbix, protecting your investment and providing the evolution you need.

As experienced consultants, Nobius also has a keen appraisal of the latest technologies, and includes proven techniques into our solutions.

Business Alignment & IT Credibility

This has long been a core focus of Nobius consultants.
It’s a domain we have evangelised for many years.
We know that IT already has a lot to do, and we’ve seen how often IT struggles to describe its value to the business, often through lack of data and time.
For the business to reach its targets, IT must be able to explain its contribution.

BITA — Business to IT Alignment – is a core Nobius focus.

We regularly encourage the use of models such as IT4IT and ITIL as a way to organise IT Operations, define best practices, ensure process implementation, and tool adoption to enhance the way IT can collaborate with the business.

We promote the definition of KPIs, in particular those that can help align IT with business targets. Many have been amazed when our IT solutions have been able to show these KPIs in dashboards that allow non-IT teams to see how and where IT is focusing its attention. This type of collaboration is typical of teams that succeed.

Here’s some of the capabilities we encourage customer to consider to improve IT credibility and alignment in our solutions;

  • License-free, economies of scale, fast RoI
  • Visually describe IT operations impact
  • Improved productivity and business SLA