Need Server Monitoring? - Nobius brings Zabbix magix

Zabbix beats every vendor and by a mile !!

Who says?
Well a whole bunch of YOU according ITCentralStation in their Server Monitoring report November 2019.

To really strike home, Gartner Peer Insight judged Zabbix the customer choice for in their IT Infrastructure monitoring review
Truly Zabbix has come of age!

If you hadn’t already heard of Zabbix open source software for Server Monitoring, well the report exposes you to a lot of honest and convincing customer user reviews to introduce it.

this table shows an extract from the report and how Zabbix is placed according to customer feedback

I think this is an impressive performance compared to these some of the biggest brands in the IT Industry, and by the way the other 4 solutions in this extract all force you to “own” the products i.e. licenses. Zabbix doesn’t as it is open source so free for all to download and use!!

Key criteria that IT Central Station gathered across all the reviews concerning Zabbix were

  • easy to use and configure out of the box
  • single pane of glass for the whole stack
  • scalable products and heterogeneous OS coverage without complexity
  • integrated central approach to monitoring.
  • event management capabilities and proactive ability to head off failures
  • proactive monitoring with operators alerted of potential problems before disruption

At Nobius we know these are an important subset of recurrent requirements across many projects we’ve seen.
We also know how switching to a “free” IT Monitoring solution can be so impactful.
Nobius crafts solutions for our customers that are trustworthy, resilient, scalable, modern, reliable, extensible, and cloud ready.


We created Nobius to help customers deploy and integrate Zabbix fast.
Here’s our video introducing you to Nobius.

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You may have heard of Zabbix, but maybe you dismissed it as being open source thus unsuitable, unreliable, not ready?
Well with 300 000+ implementations worldwide you might want to reconsider that.
Why should you?
Well there’s no licenses to manage meaning lowered costs.
Costs which are normally proportionally linked to the size of your IT landscape.
How could you repurpose THAT £ amount of IT Monitoring budget?
(Maybe you are also sensitive to the Red Queen effect, read “The Razor effect” blog by my colleague Dave Collier.)

As certified Zabbix professionals, Nobius knows the properties of Zabbix that are echoed in the report.
These include

  • ease of deployment,
  • vast scalability
  • robust agent and agentless communications,
  • encryption and secure SSH methods,
  • proxy based highly distributed architecture,
  • huge portfolio of monitored domains physical, virtual cloud, container systems and so much more.

If you have IoT devices, on-board servers and SCADA systems, Zabbix adapts to that as shown in this other  video

There’s no wonder so many organisations quit their expensive and hard to deploy solutions that typically define serious vendor lock in and years of high total cost of ownership.

Nobius is the #1 Zabbix partner in the UK and Ireland, and we’d be delighted to consult with you on architecture design, specific requirements, proof of concept, and even Zabbix-as-a-service offerings to suit your project needs.

The video we pointed you to earlier and our @Nobius web site introduces you to the different services that we can offer.
In the server monitoring report I mentioned earlier, some of the customers designed and deployed themselves and you might be able to as well. 
Nobius staff are certified Zabbix professionals, so we know how to exploit the best features of Zabbix into your solution.
We have ready to go fault tolerant Zabbix H.A. clustered solutions in the cloud to get you started very fast.
As a Zabbix partner, we can include Zabbix own experts if that’s desirable or needed for whatever reason.
We’ll organize Zabbix official trainings for your staff delivered byNobius and Zabbix experts and activate tailored Zabbix support contracts.

So you see Nobius is your first port of call for IT Monitoring using Zabbix.

The report I’ve mentioned here is based on unbiased user reviews, and according to IT Central Station ~66% of B2B tech buyers read such reports before making a purchase.
Can you really afford to be a part of the other 33% who don’t?
It might be the most important 15 minutes you spend this week.

If you need server, infrastructure, network or cloud monitoring, get started by reading custome reviews on those domains too. You can download these reports now from the resources section @Nobius website and learn more about Nobius services using Zabbix.

See why Nobius is the #1 Zabbix partner in the UK and Ireland.

Reach out to us on our website or at for more information and assistance.

Look out for Nobius and Zabbix @ the Paris Open Source summit 10-11 December 2019.