Zabbix training – Buy 1 get 2 free

If you’re using, deploying, adopting Zabbix, you know that skills equate to success.

Did you know that Nobius is an authorised reseller of Zabbix services including training.

Did you know that you can purchase in ££ any standard Zabbix training (which includes the certification examinations) from Nobius?

The 2020 UK training schedule defines classes in London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

The first Zabbix version 5 training in the UK will be the session in July in Manchester. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to use the fastest growing open source IT Monitoring solution in the world.

But training and certifications aren’t necessarily enough, especially when skilled staff are short.
At Nobius we know just how much business users rely on you to be free for them.

Finding quality time to design monitoring effectively, install and set up the servers, the DBs, the software and then work out how to design the templates for the monitoring, well it all adds up doesn’t it.

We’ve been there and we’ve lived these situations many times over.

That’s why Nobius offers 2 free days of consulting for every 1 training course ZCS or ZCP purchased from us from the standard Zabbix schedule.

As you can see here our services include PaaS and SaaS ready to go solutions. You will find these particularly useful for you to consume when you HAVE to get something running in the next few days and weeks. Our as-a-service solutions are secure, use them to stand up a monitoring instance in a couple of hours, Nobius kickstart service is there to guide through doing it and then setting up your templates.

If you don’t have the time to do that, let Nobius do it and even run it for you. In that case we’ll provide you with the dashboards and reports you need to access, and you can take your own action to fix issues as they occur.
We know this will release your time to keep business user productivity highest, isn’t that what you’re measured on?
With the time you’ll gain you can set up your in-house solution or just run the Nobius PaaS/SaaS as you wish.

See for more details and reach out to us to customize your needs.