IT Monitoring - Are you one of the 66%


Are you feeding effective data to AIOps?

At #Nobius we remember the debut of great monitoring tools as we lived through the decades of vendors’ success with software such as Spectrum, NetView, OpenView to name but a few.

The companies that created those tools lived well off the license revenues and sales and support contracts.
Of course, they evolved the software features but mostly to suit their biggest customers needs. This left smaller organisations to drool but left all reeling at the costs involved.IT Monitoring AIOps

History has a habit of repeating itself and 30 years on today is no exception.
We see AIOps based messaging on everyone’s lips.
Its surely an important new trend if the value obtained justifies the effort required


Talking with an analyst the other day he told me “you know we find that more than 66% of customers still don’t have the right data to solve IT issues”.

 IT Monitoring Garbage In Garbage OutImage courtesy of AIT

Hmm, that reminds me of the best practices preached over decades and highly valuable today namely get your event and metric streams right FIRST.

An old adage garbage in, garbage out still applies so however attractive AIOps might be.
Don’t spend too much budget on it if you don’t have those vital streams identified.

Whatever tools you’re using, its likely there’s more than a few.

At #Nobius we suggest a different IT monitoring strategy for that next new business initiative.

In our first look at it we were delighted to see such a well thought out and designed solution.
Yet Zabbix is Open Source, that first means no license cost.
As we’ve learnt solutions with it are far reaching such as

  • Distributed intelligence with highly secure proxies doing delegated work local to the resources,
  • very powerful discovery suites the volatile IT landscape,
  • agent and agentless IT Monitoring,
  • log file management and
  • APM.

Alone these should encourage you to consider using Open Source.

Our next approach was to find out who has succeeded using it.

Users claim “Zabbix is the best open source-based NOC platform you can find” , that it’s “Reliable monitoring for a perfect profile of your network assets and connections” or “One monitoring tool that has it all”.

IT Monitoring - Trust Radiius

Yes, these are subjective opinions published by TrustRadius, but if you look a little closer you’re going to see that there’s thousands of similar examples.


IT Monitoring - IT Central StationAt our resources page, you quickly access IT Central Station reviews where #Zabbix users have voted it best Cloud, Server and Network monitoring solution.

Gartner peer Insights has also gathered user reviews that render #Zabbix a #1 Customer choice, see that report on the same page.
IT Monitoring - Gartner Peer




Apart from analysts, we found customers with amazing implementations. For example managing 65000 servers, online financial transactions, underground and tram transportation and many more. You’ll find examples are here

I think you’ll quickly agree that all these show how #Zabbix is worthy of your consideration.

Those earlier days of our careers I mentioned showed us at #Nobius that ANY solution you choose simply must be able to integrate with your existing data management tools as well the plethora of new ones that just keep emerging. Examples such as InfluxDB, Prometheus, Grafana spring to mind.

Plus some of those AIOps mastadonts we mentioned such as Splunk, ServiceNow, AWS, Microsoft Azure are probably on your shortlist if not already in your IT Landscape.

Rest assured we wouldn’t be recommending #Zabbix if all these and a LOT more weren’t available and others really easily to do. The Zabbix team has done a good job and published them here


IT Monitoring - Nobius VideoBringing Nobius expertise to you

We know from those decades of design and deployment, just how important TCO is to you.

Also we know how hard it is to not only find the skills needed to evolve existing solutions but also keep up to speed with the trends and emerging tools that appear almost weekly these days with #DevOps as one example.

Finally we know how it can take months sometimes to procure the IT resources you need to deploy new solutions the business can’t wait for.

So when we created #Nobius, the aim was to provide solutions to these issues.

If the examples, testimonials and reports above spawn an interest in Open Source we know you’ll have questions and doubts. No one wants to be a guinea pig and the old idea of “No one gets fired for choosing XXX”  is long gone.

So our first focus was to set up sandboxes for IT Monitoring.
That means we can do a proof of concept with you that’s quite short typically 1 week is enough. We remove the toil of long installations and take you straight to the VIP tasks that show value.

Of course, you’ve got the data and the sources of it in your IT landscape. So the next move we made is to specify a kickstart service.
Its meant to apply our 80 years’ experience and #Zabbix certified software knowledge to your top issues.
Choose that burning tree, and we’ll devise a quick path to a tailored solution.

IT Monitoring - Platform as a ServiceTo accelerate that and again to reduce the toil, we have appliances ready to go.

Recognizing procurement times can be lengthy, we’ve conceived PaaS services.
They are ready to go, fault tolerant, load balanced and fully isolated. This removes risk.
With our consulting, we’ll accompany your staff.  Quickly you will have a tailored IT monitoring solution in a few hours or days.
Wether you have a new app, remote offices, or a newly acquired partner or merged entity.


Image courtesy of Rubychampion


IT Monitoring - Software as a ServiceMaybe you just need to see dashboards and reports from monitoring
Or, provide them to your customer.
#Nobius can provide SaaS services and do the back office on IT monitoring for you.
This could be a short or long term solution
In the former case, it’ll give your IT staff the time to ramp up on skills needed as #Nobius staff take care of the deployment

In the latter case, we’ll handle the monitoring platform for you for a few years or longer
We’ll provide your staff access to the dashboards and reports they need.
They will have access to correct issues if need be.

Owning your solution means gaining the skills required to configure, extend and integrate it.
#Nobius will provide you with both standard #Zabbix trainings (including certifications)
We can also deliver tailored trainings that go beyond standard product knowledge.
This will give your staff the confidence they need based on our 80+years of IT experience.

Whatever approach suits you, above all the our core objective is to help you gain better value from this powerful Open Source solution.
This clearly repurposes the license budgets you’re spending now into more business focused requirements

Reach out to us from our website we’re happy to assist you.
Contact us at, or chat with us on our web site.

IT Monitoring - Manchester meeting postponed


Due to the Covid-19 epidemic the 1st UK Zabbix Meetup in Manchester, March 26th 5-9PM at the Castlefield rooms in downtown Manchester is postponed.
Watch out for information concerning the new event



If you need training on #Zabbix this year, note that #Zabbix training schedule shows trainings in London, Manchester and Edinburgh in 2020. Training is the first step deployment is another.

We recognise the challenges your freshly certified staff will face back at the office. So if you reach out to #Nobius (and  buy #Zabbix product training in UK pounds), then you can profit from our buy 1 get 2 free unique offer.
This promotion is for a limited time only.
We’re offering 2 free consulting days when you purchase standard #Zabbix training from #Nobius.
We believe this will help your staff get off to a better start than by doing it alone. That can especially useful if there’s some important deadlines to meet.

See here for details.