Little is the new big - IT Monitoring with open source

IT Monitoring with open source provides power that’s bigger than the sum of the parts

This little video shows the power of the group versus the mighty.

 I hope you enjoy it.



It’s entertaining because we need a chuckle right now.
Thanks go to Cindy Luttrell for this funny presentation. I think it helps to capture the thoughts which hopefully my title teased you with.
You see, IT Monitoring has been around for years.  Early proprietary software was effective.It gave birth to best practices and of course it evolved.
However in many case they became monstrous, huge through years of add on features, some of which added more to stay competitive than necessarily solve customer issues.

We created #Nobius mostly because of this. We’d lived that expansion over decades and saw the market change as those large and expensive solutions became too unwieldy for most, especially SME organisations.

With that history and knowing the requirements for modern IT resource monitoring, we were delighted to see that Open Source solution #Zabbix covers them all and goes further.
We had under estimated its fundamental power. Once we studied the case studies for numerous customer implementations worldwide, we realized that this “free” software represents a terrific opportunity. It removes cost from any but especially large distributed environments
So we decided to create #Nobius to focus on customer solutions based on #Zabbix.

Last October we had the chance to meet the #Zabbix team in their offices in Riga.
They are a small but proud unit, and if you’ve ever visited Riga you’ll know it’s a lovely place to be.
We were blown away by this young but effective team, and we signed on to become an authorised partner straight away.


Little is the new big.


Like many people you may have concerns about open source in terms of security, scalability, reliability and other desirable features.  We can honestly say that through the customers, partners, users we have encountered over the last year, we have seen some pretty impressive results.

You shouldn’t think that being open source means that it’s basic.

With powerful discovery, distributed proxies, agent and agentless, H.A. load balancing and clustering, extensive integrations and APIs it IS feature packed software. Yet it takes little time to download and get started. Being open source there are many examples of integration to other powerful open source tools too when needed. One example is Grafana for graphical extensions (not that #Zabbix doesn’t have great graphics)
The scope for monitoring is vast and there’s a ton of users – some long term – that add solutions and contribute to the community.

This is indeed enterprise grade software and happily its suited to every budget and scale.

So yes, its these individual aspects that make it certainly as powerful as many proprietary solutions that cost millions in TCO. Little is the new big.


Nobius delivers that power to you


There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and designing solutions is similar. In our experience there’s no two customers alike. Everyone has their own scale, scope, priorities and individual requirements and constraints.
At Nobius we know.

We also know how busy people are.
Yet often a solution is needed really quickly.
#Nobius services give you choice.

Kickstart service captures requirements and puts the basic solution into action.

PaaS and SaaS solutions stand up the monitoring resources you need and configure it all. This eases and accelerates the path to a working solution for you.

Ask us for a demo or talk to us about doing a proof of concept.

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Trust #Nobius to get IT Monitoring delivered.