Little is the new big – Part 2

IT Monitoring with open source tools provides power that’s bigger than the sum of the parts.

If you saw my last blog, you’ll have seen its short video.
Well here’s similar video, again showing the power of the group versus the mighty.

I hope you enjoy this one too.

Thanks again to Cindy Luttrell for this funny presentation.

Once again it brings home the power of many against the Goliath.

That’s the theme I used in my last blog. I showed why we at #Nobius believe open source is definitely a very viable and cost-effective solution.
It’s a serious contender you might not have thought twice about.
I think you should.
So I just want to quickly describe my thoughts about a couple of successful implementations.

Small hammer cracks BIG nut


Did you ever go to Munich?
If so then you probably saw and used, the tram system and subways.
As in many other old European cities, those systems are essential people movers.

That means their service has to be constant at least most of the day.

Sound like your business?

So it shouldn’t really be a surprise to you to learn that the staff that run it, monitor it. Yes, they do it using open source software called #Zabbix.

Here’s what I found most interesting when studying their story.

First I think it’s a convincing testimonial to many #ITMonitoring “-abilities” reliability, scaleability…
You know what I mean.
If you watch this video presentation, you’ll see details of their integrated resources from which monitored data is exploited.
These include network devices but also video components and GPS tracking of each tram and underground train.


Next comes monitoring of linked resources such as air conditioning and lighting.
That surprised me as these are much related to Little is Big - IT Monitoringuser comfort, a business SLA in fact.


Next I saw animated dashboards that show status of each tramline, tram , subway, train and all the devices within them. That’s an important way of attracting operators’ attention to issues, helping them to decide priority.



Now this is not an isolated case.
I found another great example by studying the customer use case at Intesa SanPaolo in Italy.

In that use case #Zabbix is used to correlate infrastructure issues with business service status. Those include Banking mobile apps and ATM resources. Again this allows prioritisation of issues. In their case the monitoring covers over 7000 servers.
Integration with ticket handling facilitates best practice based service management.

Both these cases showed me the extent to which solutions can be developed with open source software.
The Munich example shows powerful graphical representation adapted well to the related business.

The Banking example shows the scale that #Zabbix can cover.

In fact since seeing that implementation we have learned of other customers who manage 65 000 and more devices.

So there you have two examples why we say Little is big,
Little because being open source this is VERY cost effective software.
Big because as you’ve seen it scales and provides all the needs of modern and powerful #ITMonitoring solutions across all industries.
There’s more examples at our case studies page.

Nobius delivers that power to you

In our experience there’s no two customers alike. Everyone has their own scale, scope, priorities, requirements and constraints.
Of course business domains have differing priorities and requirements.

These transportation and banking examples are I think clear examples of the cross-industry applicability (another -ity, sorry) of its features.

Whatever your industry domain we at Nobius know how to match these features to satisfy your requirements.

We also know how busy people are and thus the challenge of developing a solution quickly.
Its why we created #Nobius services to give you choice.

Our Kickstart service captures requirements and puts the basic solution into action.

PaaS and SaaS solutions stand up the monitoring resources you need and configure it all.Little is Big - IT Monitoring

This eases and accelerates the path to a working solution for you.

Ask us for a demo or talk to us about doing a proof of concept.

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Trust #Nobius to get your IT Monitoring delivered.