Fossbytes Goodbye Adobe Flash

Nothing lives forever – Adobe Flash included

Adobe Flash end of life is 31/12/2020

Adobe halted development of Flash enhancements as long ago as 2011.
We know they followed that up in 2017 with news that it would halt distribution by end 2020.

That’s now practically isn’t it!

But wait, you’re probably thinking “Why should I care” or even “What’s Flash?”

I could answer the latter in detail but I’ll refer you here. I can quickly say that it’s basically a multimedia player plugin used by internet browsers and applications. For decades Its been kingpin technology.

Hotel BellI’ll answer to the former, by asking you to try to remember your excitement when you found a new application or fancy website only to be frustrated by messages such as “You must install the flash plugin for your browser” or similar.

Does that ring a bell?


Don’t get Trapped

In my experience over decades I know many (and maybe your) IT  Monitoring tools have relied on Flash for numerous years.

Trap with PC in the middle

Chances are your staff use versions of them with Flash player embedded or use browsers that depend on the Flash plugin.

If that’s the case, I’m afraid you’re heading for surprises at the end of the year.

I don’t want you to get trapped.


Surely you don’t want to be faced with inaccessible UIs to your monitoring because of Flash end of life?

It’ll happen if you’re not careful.

At the same time if you’re using older application versions, upgrading might be more painful and expensive than you budgeted for.

In fact you may even have to reinstall and start over again if the version is too old.

Stop and ThinkI know for a fact that many organisations are paying support annuities to vendors but not upgrading the software?

Are you?

Will you have to start over?

If so I suggest you stop and think now.

OpenSource scores highest marks

Why upgrade?
Don’t take the decision to reinstall lightly.
Think carefully and consider open source. No more license fees.

Nobius has answers for you.
We provide IT Monitoring solutions that are bang up to date.

Our solutions and services are based on Zabbix, the most powerful open source IT Monitoring tool available today.
Little is Big - IT Monitoring
Yes Zabbix is freely accessible to all BUT I’d encourage you to NOT dismiss it because it’s open source.

There’s over 300 000+ implementations worldwide by some of the largest companies.

I think that alone is great  testimony to its pertinence and reliability.
I can point you to some great stories here if you’d like to see who is doing what with Zabbix software.

Furthemore I’d encourage you to look at how the industry experts like Gartner, IT CentralStation and TrustRadius have generated user reviews of many IT Monitoring tools.

Their reports from 2019 and 2020 show Zabbix is a clear leader including against some of the biggest and best software vendors out there.
I’ll point you to a IT Infrastructure monitoring tools Buyer’s Guide here too.
You can download other reports on our website here.

And of course, I can assure you Zabbix has never relied on Adobe Flash!! and never will.

Its capabilities scale to millions of managed objects, remote offices and their users. It manages cloud services, Kubernetes, Docker and of course Infrastructure such as networks, servers, web sites and applications.

Also another great piece of news I can bring you is that it was just authorised to issue CVE Numbers,. I think that’s a clear sign of confidence in its processes and focus on security vulnerabilities.


Nobius can assist you

Nobius can define the roadmap to your implementation including migration from your current tool set.

If you prefer to have Nobius take care of the implementation in a PaaS service (we manage and potentially host the installation), then we can specify that for you, whether you need it temporarily to switch over from  the older solution, or as a permanent service.

You may even want Nobius experts to perform the IT Monitoring for you and just provide you with Dashboards and reports as a SaaS service.

IT Monitoring - Nobius Video

In fact I encourage you to watch this video to get an introduction to Nobius and see how we can help you.

Whatever your requirement we’ll listen and adapt our services to suit your needs.

Watch out, don’t get trapped at the end of 2020, plan ahead now with Nobius and preserve the IT Monitoring you need to keep business running.

Contact us at and  see more detail on our web site