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Lower IT Monitoring costs 3x minimum

Are you paying for licenses but not getting enough value? Our no license cost solution will lower your IT monitoring costs at least 3x

Nobius Dave Collier

David Collier
Nobius Founder

Step 1 - We Listen

We collaborate to capture your needs, current environment details, data to collect, timing, skills, and the outcome you target

Step 2 - We show

Then we’ll quickly show you options and transformation steps to that goal, discussing each step designed to lower IT costs

Happy Clients

Nobius Client Punch Pubs Chris Montjoy
Nobius Clients Securitas Peter priday
“Our monitoring is now significantly leaner.
Zabbix is a great tool, the guys at Nobius were vital to our successful implementation”

– Chris Mountjoy, Head of IT, Punch Pubs & Co

Nobius led us to a new, innovative cloud based centralised monitoring solution that can easily improve our productivity

– Peter Priday, Remote Servicing Manager, Securitas Technology

Transform your IT Monitoring

Monitoring is essential to support the business.
Nobius will show you how to re-purpose budget onto business priorities
by transforming your IT Monitoring.
Do you want to lower your costs by 3x minimum?

Best practices from 50+ years of helping transform IT monitoring…


  • IT Monitoring experts ex. HP, IBM ++
  • ITIL/ITSM certified
  • Zabbix ZCS and ZCP certified
  • The UK’s 1st Zabbix Certified Partner
  • Microsoft Partner
  • Awarded Leading IT Monitoring Experts 2023 by SME Magazine IT Awards
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